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What we can offer for your Business

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Established in 2014, Wide Range Services is one of the most dynamically developing recruitment and consultancy company specialized in international recruitment services within the EU. We believe in cost effective, fast and wide-ranging candidate search.


Digital recruitment methods are the new ways to interact between jobseekers and employers. Our methods allow employers to find suitable candidates easier without travel and other expenses.
Recruiting and advertising on online platforms allows us to reach a large number of potential applicants for a wide geographical area within the European Union for businesses.
With our services employers cut screening time to find only relevant, skilled, qualified jobseekers. We recognised the power of social networks like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Social network recruiting helps us on daily basis to find the best talent quickly, effectively.

What we can offer for your business

Inexpensive and well-trained, English speaking Hungarian, Romanian, Slovakian, Bulgarian labour force
Wide Range Services holds an extensive portfolio of candidates who are seeking permanent work enabling us to select candidates to meet your requirements.

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 We make tests and interviews organising events and preselection days to meet the candidates, where we check  the followings:


 1. Language Skills
 2. Personality (focusing on motivation, cooperation, flexibility and how trustworthy the candidate is
 3. Working experience and reference
 4. Qualifications

 Upon request further interviews are also possible following your company guideline

    Direct discussion between the employer and pre-selected candidates on phone, Skype or in person
   We organise and check all the pa
perwork of the candidate

  We send the candidates’ CV and picture to you with the report about interviews and make suggestion whom to     choose
  After your choice we organise the travelling and overall information about the target country for the candidate
  We are NOT a staffing agency. The recruited workers are not employed by us


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· If the successfully selected employee turns out not fitting the team or decides to leave the employer, you don't need to pay and we find a replacement as soon as possible


· Our agent fee is individually agreed with each of our partner employers. We are open to discuss the fees for our services.

Use Wide Range Services and Consultancy to find Hungarian, Romanian, Slovakian, Bulgarian overseas workers, staff, cheap, from central and Eastern Europe, cost effective labour quickly