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Nurse - Care Home

 Key Duties and Responsibilities:


• Using clinical knowledge/expertise, provide a high standard of skilled care to patients based on a full assessment of the individuals needs in consultation with the multi-professional team.
• To devise and evaluate care plans based on the assessment process with realistic nursing goals with the consultation patients, family and the multi-professional team.
• To ensure due regard to given customs, values and spiritual beliefs of patients, carers and their relatives.
• To promote and role model effective communication within the multi-professional team.
• To act as a link nurse.
• To identify the learning needs of patients, relatives and staff and, in consultation with the sister/team leader to plan and implement programmes to meet those needs, thereby improving practice.
• To ensure all written resource for learners/ junior staff.


• To be a mentor/learning resource for learners/ junior staff.
• To develop; own knowledge base, ensuring practice is evidence based and contributes to the enhancement of patient care.
• To act as a reflective practitioner, questioning clinical practice.
• To actively participate in departmental education programmes.
• To participate in reviewing Policies and Procedures to improve outcomes and the quality of service provided.