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Care Assistant - Care Home

Becoming a carer is not your average 9 – 5 job and it requires a special kind of person who always has the interests of the client at heart; someone who truly cares about others. It is a great opportunity for the carer to build a strong professional relationship with a client within the Care Home, whilst maintaining the highest levels of care and best practice.


• Under the management of a Registered Nurse/Home Manager, to carry out procedures within your competence to assist with the care of residents.
• To make verbal reports to senior staff regarding the residents in the Home as necessary.
• To ensure that residents are helped to retain their dignity and individuality.
• To participate in the treatment and rehabilitation of residents as required.
• To take all reasonable steps to ensure the safekeeping of residents property.
• Carrying out general household duties that promote the welfare of residents.
• To be aware of and comply with the Home’s Operational Policy an
• Procedures as documented in the Quality Manual.
• Assisting with residents meals, making sure that the meal is well presented and served at the correct temperature. Encouraging residents to have an adequate diet, reporting when this has not been achieved.
• To be fully conversant with the rules and procedures carried out in the event of a fire.
• To report all accidents and incidents to the Person-in-Charge of the Home.
• To be aware of and comply with the requirements regarding dress, behaviour, punctuality and attendance as indicated in the Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure, Disciplinary Rules and
• Contract of Employment.
• Where Home Policy is proved to be ill defined, or is becoming unworkable, to ensure that the
• Manager is informed.
• To attend appropriate training courses or study as requested.
• To be aware of and implement any Quality initiatives developed by the Company.


Main requirements are common sense and a willingness to help. As experience and capability develop, more
scope can be given resulting in greater job satisfaction.