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Services For Applicants

Services offered by Wide Range Services and Consultancy

We offer wide range of services of consultancy, which have the goal to help candidates achieve to find their jobs easier. We do understand how unpleasant and tiring can become when applying to many jobs and being rejected or unsuccessful. That is why we set as one our goal to help each candidate to prepare for the next stage of their life, offering services that will help to succeed in their job search.

These services include:

1. Preparing bespoke CV and application form according to the requirements of the employer.

2. English test via telephone from our Head Office in Bognor Regis by one of our Recruiment Consultants.

3. Ongoing support in Romania and in the United Kingdom (Bognor Regis office) from professional Recruitment Consultants for the duration of the contract of employment.

4. Consulting advice concerning the gathering of the necessary documents.

5. Information on booking and ticket purchasing.

6. Making travel arrangements for the aplicant: counselling related to public transport in the United Kingdom with map included.

7. Support in the United Kingdom to obtain NI number for the candidate.

8. Support in the United Kingdom regarding the registration at a General Practitioner (Doctor).

9. Advice about opening a bank account.

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