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Wide Range Services and Consultancy has the goal to help people to communicate with employers but also to help skilled people match with excellent Jobs. There are many skilled Hungarian and Romanian job seekers, their qualities being self motivated, well trained, punctual and hard working.

Our company is continuously building up its database with applicants who have excellent interpersonal skills, also speaking Excellent English.

offers to test, train and consult each applicant to reach their goals and we also guarantee them to be prepared to work as professionals.

This selecton is based on a detailed process of assessment of professional and personal skills:

- Language Skills
- Personality (focusing on motivation, cooperation, flexibility and how trustworthy the candidate is)
- Working experience and references
- Qualifications
After the candidate has successfully completed these requirements will be forwarded towards your Company.



Unexpensive and well-trained, English speaking Hungarian labour force
We can find candidates as soon as possible according to your request
We make tests and interviews as preselection with the candidates, where we check the followings:

1. Language Skills

2. Personality (focusing on motivation, cooperation, flexibility and how trustworthy the candidate is)

3. Working experience and references

4. Qualifications

- Upon request further interviews are also possible following your company guideline
- Direct discussion between the employer and pre-selected candidates on phone, skype or in person
- We organise and check all the paperwork of the candidate
- We send the candidates's CV and picture to you with the report about interviews and make suggestion whom to choose
- After your choice we organise the travelling and overall information about the target country for the candidate
- We are NOT a staffing agency. The recruited workers are not employed by us
- If the successfully selected employee turns out not fitting the team or decides to leave the employer, you don't need to pay and we find a replacement as soon as possible
- Our agent fee is individually agreed with each of our partner employers. We are open to discuss the fees for our services.

We supply trained, reliable and adaptable staff to your business, including workers in the following sectors:

Health Care Sector
- Registered Nurses
- Care Assistants
- Live In Care Assistants
- Au Pair/ Nanny/ Housekeeper/ Au Pair Couple

Hotel Industry
- Reception & Housekeeping
- Conference & Banqueting
- Food & Beverage
- Chefs & Kitchen
- Events & Special Occasions

Wide Range Services and Consultancy will ensure you will be provided the right staff for your requirements, staff who want to leave a good impression, adaptable to the work they provide and with high quality.

To find out more, just click on the menus or contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.